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I am a Woodblock Printer

Welcome to Michelle Pereira's ramblings, a blog for textile design enthusiasts. You will get the scoop here from the studio on Sonoma Mountain in Penngrove, CA

I design, print and produce fabric, one yard at a time, to order and in house. I could have been happily born in another time where art and craft were more merged together with the culture and given a place as documentarians of another form of language and beauty. Mostly, I am a woodblock and shibori printer. The studio vision embraces and adapts traditional techniques to create fabrics with quality, integrity, history, and beauty. I have worked with some of the most incredibly talented interior designers in CA and the Country over the last several years. It is my ultimate pleasure to create a custom fabric for a specific project.

Coming from a fine arts background in Sculpture and almost falling into this career, I have learned mostly by doing business on the fly. I have many glorious triumphs and some not so fabulous mistakes. Embracing the mistakes has been my luxury as I have had the time and space to allow the work to grow with the help of fabulous mentors and co-workers in a tiny studio on a mountaintop vista. I am not only devoted to my work but also to the tradition of textile art and craft and art at large. We need more and lots of it.

Humor and art and healthy children are a winning combo for me. Mix that in with a little mountaintop ranch in the heart of wine country 40 miles North of ever glowing San Francisco and I've got a winning combination, albeit fraught with many trials along the way. Coming upon 20 years in the art, I have had many challenges in maintaining quality processes while working on the leading edge of technology steeped in tradition. This Studio Insiders Series will aim to share some of my experiences.

The art and craft of printing on fabric and surfaces is age old and speaks volumes to us about our origins and dreams. There is a story in every piece of fabric that is printed by hand. In this Series I will share a few of them with you.

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