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Hot Wire

Travels from Japan solicited for me an intense love of symmetry and inperfection coexisting together. I have been a long time admirer of rhythmic shapes and form and seeing this everywhere in Japan from the train station to the temples had a calming effect. I felt very curious, what was next, just beyond the bend? How can letting ones nature beauty reveal itself without covering up all the "flaws". The flaws are celebrated in Japan and resemble nothing like flaws at all. This has given me a nice sense of freedom in the studio. From Kyoto and Hakone to Sonoma Mountain if feel empowered to celebrate the imperfection of our lives and surroundings.

Hot Wire, my latest collection, captures this essence for me. The fabrics are printed with tiny brushes and the brushes move slightly with each pressing of the block. The print is uniform but not the same. This collection is fabulous viewed from a pulled back view as well as close up where new patterns are revealed as your eye moves in and away. Printed on Belgian Linen and cotton blended fabric in 7 custom formulated colors. All fabrics in the studio are printed in the studio in Penngrove on Sonoma Mountain.

"Hotwire" On Linen/Cotton Blend

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