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Belgian Linen Ground Eco-Info


Belgian Linen is the original eco-fabric. Michelle Pereira uses linen grounds from a premier manufacturer of linen for over 150 years. Here is some valuable information from our mill on the source of this amazing fabric and its manufacturing processes.

Flax has grown for thousands of years. As always, flax is a plant that grows naturally, with very few chemicals used. For growing of the flax no irrigation is needed. The flax plant is gentle on the land and flax is easy to incorporate into modern crop rotation
cycles. The process of growing flax requires very little energy and does not harm nature. Water retting process has been replaced by the environmentally friendly dewretting on the field.

Flax, by nature, is a “green” product. Flax has inherent ecological characteristics as all parts are used (there is no waste) and are 100% biodegradable or recyclable. Flax is beneficial in human and animal nutrition because of its very high content of alpha omega-3 fatty acid. Flax seeds can be used as a base for a fine flour used in medical compresses. Linseed oil, squeezed from flax seeds, is also used as a component in paints, cosmetics and soil coverings.


Flax fibers are also being used in heat insulation and packaging. The remaining residual products are used in fiber boards, bank notes, etc. The inherent strength of linen yarn reduces the need for starching during spinning and weaving. Linen fabrics can be recycled into paper and insulation materials for the car industry. The industrial process of spinning and weaving has little to no impact on the environment. The manufacturer is constantly investing in new equipment and production methods, reducing the need for energy and water and eliminating or recycling most of the waste. As a source of energy, natural gas is used and does not pollute the air.


Bleaching and dying is the most delicate part of the linen production chain, from the aspect of ecology. The process strictly complies with all E.E.C. rules. Water is not pumped from deep-water reserves (which are becoming scarce) but is pumped river water and is filtered before use. All wastewater is processed by a state of the art biological water recycling plant and is released back into the river.


The use of chemicals is under very strict control and their chemicals and dyes comply with the European REACH regulations. For bleaching, dangerous chloride has been replaced with peroxide bleach. For dyeing, harmful dyestuffs are being replaced with new, non-toxic formula.


Martindale of over 45,000 rubs- ISO 12947/2

>5 – 5 ISO 105-B04

4/5 –ISO 105-E02 (1993)

5 – ISO 105-E03 (1993)

5- ISO 105 – E07 (1989)

135 N in warp and weft – ISO 13937/3

warp: 1600 N weft 950 N – ISO 13934/1

Performance Fabrics Indoor/Outdoor Belgian Linen Fabrics


The chemical process used for our fabric to make it suitable for outdooruse is done with Nanotechnology. This advanced technology is developed at the nanoscale between 1 and 100 nanometers. Ananometer is one billionth of a meter. This is an environmentally friendlyprocess that is water-based and formaldehyde free as opposed to solventbased treatments. It is a revolutionary process that actually attaches thechemical to the fibers and permanently bonds to the fabric at themolecular level. This information has been provided by the mill in Belgium.


Our Indoor/Outdoor Linen Has the Following Characteristics:

Composition: 91% European Linen 9% Polyamide

Weight: Approx: 450 grams/square Meter – 13.26 oz/Square Yard

Width: 140cm – 55”And


Meet the Following Standards:

A high abrasion

A high light fastness

A high colorfastness toward seawater

A high colorfastness toward pool water

A high colorfastness toward staining

A high tear resistance

A high tensile strength

Is mold resistantIs water & stain resistant (spray test)

Is dry cleanable and washable

Shrinkage lower than 2%


These high standards are achieved through a perfect synergy between fabric and finish. Thanks to this the fabric keeps its natural look and touch.


flax is a natural product that grows in harmony with nature. During finishing no harmful products are used and the used water is purified before giving it back to nature. Our linen is 100% biodegradable.

The complete line from Michelle Pereira Studio can be found at these showrooms.


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