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Stargazer Collaboration

The culmination of a 2 year collaboration with designer Kelly Keiser commenced with the debut of her new women-owned company, Kelly Green. Kelly asked me in if I could create a custom print from our Stargazer collection for her new product line of Cannabis products for the "chic and discrete" cannabis affionado. She was hot set on developing a super cool scent resistant pouch for women to stow their special items on the go.

Knowing Kelly for several years in the interior design industry in San Francisco and having worked with her on a number of projects, I knew her spark and determination to get things done and I jumped at the chance to collaborate with her.

We poured over design and configuration, created custom woodblocks, made prototypes as she sourced the most fabulous tassels, zippers and tech for the scent suppressant bag. We worked with Ateliers in New York and created a print for the bag that was woodblock printed in house but could be sewn off-site. After 2 years of getting this little gem off the ground, "Poof!" or "Puff", a star is born. Kudos to Kelly for having such a simple yet grand vision, beautifully executed from top to bottom.

Being a manufacturer of a small handprinted fabric line for interior designers and architects, this was an exciting departure from our everyday work. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. This was an incredible adventure and I'm so thrilled to have been a part of it.


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