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Working with an Unlimited Idea Scope on an Artist's Budget

Crazy how I'll get an idea about a project. Its a lifestyle or a frame of mind. It can't really be explained. It may be very vague at first and hone itself into a little nugget of joy if it is worthy of itself. Chasing rainbows some may call it. Hunting for fairies and attempting to understand their language. Or maybe it is more stellar: a rocket's journey with darkness so vast with little lighted jewels along the way. Whatever the case, how to make it all manifest into something that can be shared with others in a profitable way is the question that must be asked again and again.

Art is an affliction that can be managed.

How do I mitigate costs while doing this chasing of rainbows as I feel the light warm the tip of my unicorn's horn? How do I make it have a ride, a run? I'm not sure I have the answer, but I have noticed some similarities project to project. Persistence, time on task, showing up, working with others, working on multiple projects at once. Allowing the momentum of an idea to wisk me off my feet.

Unicorns are real.

It kinda boils down to faith. Faith in what tho? The faith in the process. The faith that the process will reveal an insight, a jewel, a piece worth saving along the clue sleuthing of discovery with my multitude of projects. This is an artful endeavor. It may not have a specific timeline, but the process is moving forward all the time.

Believing in Process will get you through every time.

Going against the grain is alway a part of the process if it is a really good idea for a product. I hit many roadblocks along the way. "That would be hard to do" or "I don't know if there is time" or "What?". The last is always a special kind of downer. I mean, What the heck am I thinking about anyway? Some of my favorite responses in rural Sonoma are from guys that are in the trades that I want to collaborate with for a very "unique" project, by their everyday standard. They are quiet at first and then they realize I am serious and get a little excited. They get behind my idea start to finish like it is the little mix in their routine that makes their job fun. This helps everyone's bottom line. They will work harder to get my business and I will show up with an idea that will give them a good job/income. The collaboration reduces cost because the interest is there not just by me, but by my contractors as well. Bottom line: people just wanna have fun and will work harder for it.

The cost is the same or more expensive without the love, so might as well give and get a little along the way.

As the breadth of my work grows. The products get easier to produce. The ideas flow more easily in the manifest world. There is more in the hopper to choose and develop. Prolifiration. Making begets making. I have always said that "Ideas are cheap", bringing them to life can be expensive.

Shush myself and go to work....let's make something amazing.

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